Tuition and Fees

The American School of Doha welcomes students’ applications.  Please find our payment structure outlined below.   If you have further questions, please contact our Business Office at +974 4459 1520.

1. Application Fee

The application fee of QR 500 is non-refundable and non-transferable. This fee is payable upon submission of the application.

  • This fee is separate from the capital, registration, and tuition fees
  • ASD will only process admission applications that have a paid application fee

Payment can be made as outlined below:

  • QR 500 cash 
  • QR 500 check, made payable to the American School of Doha
  • Electronic Transfer of Funds (USD $137.00 dollars per application); Once completed, a copy of the bank receipt must be sent to in order to verify that payment has been made
  • Point of Service; credit card payment

Bank Details:

Bank Name: BNP
Bank Address                        
: Doha - Qatar
Benf.: American School of Doha
A/C : 073742-001-61
Swift Code: BNPAQAQA
IBAN Number: QA68BNPA000669107374200161QAR       


2. Registration Fee

This fee is a one-time registration fee of QR 3,796 that is non-transferable and non-refundable for each child.

3. Capital Fee

This non-refundable fee is for ASD’s loan repayment on our current facilities, payable in the semester invoice.


Pre-Kindergarten QR 10,950

Kindergarten to Grade 12 QR 14,600

Semester Cost QR 5,475

Semester Cost QR 7,300







QR 16,429

QR 32,857


QR 27,396

QR 54,791

Grade 1-5

QR 27,396

QR 54,791

Grade 6-8

QR 35,627

QR 71,255

Grade 9-12

QR 35,627

QR 71,255







 * 2015-2016 ASD Board of Directors approved school fees.

  • Parents are responsible for prompt payment of all school fees
  • All tuition and fee payments are due and payable prior to the start of each academic semester
  • The tuition fee is billed on a yearly basis for those students sponsored by a company
  • Individuals are billed on a semester basis
  • As according to Board policy, if payments are not made within two weeks of the due date, the student(s) will not be permitted to attend class
  • A full term tuition fee will be assessed for the semester during which enrollment occurs, regardless of when it occurs within the semester
  • Should a student withdraw, tuition fees will be reimbursed on a quarter basis. Refunds are not granted to students of corporations or organizations; rather the tuition may be transferred to a new incoming student, provided the new student attends ASD within the same school year

4. Re-Enrollment Deposit

A deposit of QR 5,000 for the first child and an additional QR 1,500 for each child thereafter, is due at re-enrollment time to secure a seat for your child for the next academic year. This will be deducted from your tuition fee.

5. Senior Fee

A fee of QR 380 will be assessed for graduating seniors.

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