Five Strategies

Grounded by ASD’s mission, vision and values, four learning strategies were developed in April 2010 by a group of parents, faculty, and students and were then approved by the Board of Directors. In 2011, the faculty developed goals and action steps that provide the direction for the next level of excellence for the school. In 2013, a fifth strategy was added to address the infrastructure improvements that supported learning for the four learning strategies.

Although ambitious in scope, the five strategies are rooted in ongoing efforts with an emphasis on deepening and sustaining initiatives. We are committed to preparing our students for success in a globally connected world where they demonstrate knowledge and skills in the core subjects at a high level of understanding. They need to be innovative and critical thinkers who exhibit adaptability and work well with others. We need them to serve others and actively make the world a better place. Technology and information processing skills need to be second nature to them.

This is a tall order but our five strategies provide the roadmap. In August 2013, the school published “Strategically Speaking” which provides the evidence of goal accomplishment aligned to each strategy for that year. Please use the link below to view "Strategically Speaking" for 2017.

Strategy 1: Positive, Active Global Citizen

We will challenge our students to become positive, active, global citizens who, inspired by their understanding of global issues, become agents of positive change to improve our world.

Strategy 2: Intellectual Development

We will enhance the academic and intellectual development of our students and adults through challenging curricula, innovative approaches to deep learning, and creating optimal learning environments for student growth.

Strategy 3: Personal Development 

We will foster the social, emotional and physical development of our students and adults through positive school culture, engaging programs, and inclusive opportunities for understanding the world in which we live.

Strategy 4: Community Engagement

We will develop and maintain strong partnerships with the Qatari and global community to ensure great opportunities for students and to support delivery of the ASD Mission.

Strategy 5: Supporting Infrastructure

We will advance an effective and efficient infrastructure which supports student learning, facilitates professional staff growth, and encourages community involvement.

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